Chiesa di San Giobbe

Here during the 1300s stood a small oratory dedicated to S. Giobbe. Honoured by the presence of Brother Bernardino of Siena and financed by the doge Cristofaro Moro, the construction of a church began towards the middle of the 1400s. This first building was designed by Antonio Gabello, and when work restarted in 1470, it was brought to complete rebirth through the work of Pietro Lombardo. Its altars once held works of extreme importance: the Virgin enthroned with saints and angels by Giovanni Bellini and the presentation of Jesus in the temple by Vettor Carpaccio, which are now both in the Galleries of the Accademy. Among the works still present is “Il Presepio” by Gerolamo Savoldo (1540), apart from other works by Vivarini, Pietro Lombardo, Dalla Robbia, Basaiti and Bordone. The splendid vera da pozzo and the attached cloister are interesting for their architectural styles.

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