Chiesa di San Giacomo di Rialto

The Venetians call it the Church of S. Giacometo because of its small size. It is considered the oldest church in Venice, and was first built by the vow of a carpenter in the time of the first arrivals on the island, in the 5th century. The present building dates from the 11th and 12th centuries and is probably connected with the origins of the Rialto Market (1097), built as it is in the heart of the market for the use of the merchants. An inscription on a 12th –century cross on the outside apse is still visible which in the name of the Lord invokes honesty in merchants, the accuracy of weights and the legality of contracts. In 1513 the church was saved from a serious fire which destroyed the greater part of the market; it was restored the same year. It managed to retain its original form even after the radical restoration carried out in 1601 by the order of the doge Marino Grimaldi together with the parish priest Gerolamo Dall’Acqua, during which the floors were raised to impede the continuous flooding.

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