Basilica dei SS. Giovanni e Paolo

A temple erected by the Dominican Friars and dedicated to the two 3rd century Roman martyrs, the brothers Giovanni and Paolo.

The church was founded next to the modest St. Daniel’s Oratory on land which the Doge Jacopo Tiepolo had given to the Dominicans in about 1234. After St. Mark’s, it was in this church that the official rites of the Serenissima Republic were performed.

It was here that the funerals of the Doges were held, which is why their memorials can be found in and around this church, as well as those of th various condottieri of the Venetian Republic.

The interior is in the form of a Latin cross with three naves and transepts and houses notable paintings by Bellini, Lotto, Veronese and Piazzetta and sculptures by Tullio and Pietro Lombardo, Vittoria and others. In the right-hand apse there is a very large 15th- century stained-glass window.

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