Scuola Grande di San Marco

The Great School of St. Mark is one of the most meaningful and harmonious architectural works from the Venetian Renaissance. The school is also known as “dei battuti” and is one of the six great schools in Venice. It was built in 1260 with religious and humanitarian objectives and always had particular protection on the part of the Signoria. Many of the members of this school became very famous. It was burned down and almost destroyed in 1485 and was rebuilt under the direction of Pietro Lombardo. In 1490 Mauro Codussi was charged with the direction of the work to build the facade and the inside staircase, which were completed in 1495. Because of the beauty of the works of art it contained and its wonderful Renaissance architecture it was the most beautiful of the Great Schools. In 1815 the Austrians modified it, demolishing a part of the interior, and transformed the building into a hospital. Today the position of the School corresponds to the entrance of the Venice Civic Hospital.

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